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What is a wolf cut?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. Most people know a wolf cut when they see one but what are the characteristics that define this modern trend?

First, we have to start by saying that it's not actually a modern trend at all but an evolution of a style that was popularised in the 70s.

The wolf cut was actually originally created to cater to the men's market when long hair was not only in fashion but extremely popular worldwide. Think 70s fashion and long flowing locks that had remained from the 60s and androgynous style that was creeping in as the 80s approached. This is where the wolf cut was born. It was created in an effort to retain masculinity and show off the bone structure of a man's face while still keeping a longer style. To do this lots of layers were added and length removed from around the face while keeping the overall length through the back.

So how does that translate to the modern 2022 haircut that we all see today? It's primarily worn by women today and much of the foundation has remained. The cut is defined today by a huge emphasis on layering throughout the haircut but it can vary in length from as short as the shoulders to as long as you dare at the back. What has remained the same is the extreme build-up of length from really short around the face to connecting through to the length at the back. once you understand the foundations of this style you can really get creative with your layering, technique, and tools used.

I love to do this cut using just a razor but if you're not comfortable using a razor then you can create an equally striking final look with your scissors. key techniques that you really need to master for this cut are over direction and point cutting if you're going to attempt to do it with your scissors.


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