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Updated: May 28, 2020

Although the variety of barbering tools on the market is vast, trust me I've tried a lot of them, I keep coming back to the same Clippers (just an upgrade here and there). Wahl clippers, for me, are the best on the market but like anything, you get what you pay for. Just like any brand, Whal's clippers vary in quality depending on price. I have now settled on the 100th anniversary 1919 clippers.

From the full metal housing to the stylish tapering arm they really do look the part but more importantly, they really perform. All barbers have their reasons for choosing their kit and here's mine. The standard blade that comes with these clippers feels more forgiving to someone with faster hand speed than the wedge blade that comes with the Wahl senior but I must stress that this is just a matter of taste. It's difficult to try before you buy with clippers so maybe ask a friend if you can borrow theirs before you commit to the big purchase. Traditionally the codless clippers motor didn't have the power to be in the same league as the power that you can get from a corded clipper. However times have changed and as the technology and engineering have improved, Wahl has really stepped their game up and you can now get amazing power and battery life from a cordless clipper which is great for all of us who don't want to have to worry about getting tangled up in those trailing cables.

The second piece of equipment that is a must-have for anyone who wants to up their barbering game is a really good trimmer. For this, you don't need to look any further than the Wahl cordless detailer V2. Now although the original cordless detailer was a little bit of a letdown, they have worked out all the issues and the 2nd edition is a vast improvement. With a body design that is identical to the corded clipper and a motor that gives its corded counterpart a run for its money, you have a trimmer that will do it all. The T-wide blade allows you to create solid straight lines over a greater distance and the lightweight design is perfect for precision work. With zero overlap and a strong motor, you will have no problems setting those hard baselines for a skin fade. Sharp blades = sharp fades.

Completing the trifecta of clippers in my arsenal is the Wahl finale foil shaver. This is one of the more expensive foil shavers and although both Andis and Balylis have theIr own really great foilers it just wouldn't feel right cheating on Wahl at this point in our relationship. They are powerful and the shape allows you to flip them and use the back of the foiler to help blend from skin to detailer. If used properly you will create a skin fade that's as smooth on the baseline as a baby's bottom. I'd even go as far as to say that you can get the hair shorter than you could with a straight razor (call it witchcraft). For a quick tidy up under the neckline, when the client doesn't want a full face shave, they are great and you can use them horizontally to create a sharp line too.

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